Sea Kayaking Tips in 2022 for Beginners

Kayaking, canoeing and fishing are fantastic ways to enjoy the water without getting bored. Anyone can swim and paddle in the water but these activities are different and give you lots of options for having fun at the same time. Our aim is to give you lots of tips to find the best spots to fish, kayak and canoe.

We also plan to bring you reviews of different products related to these activities and also to organize some great discounts for those of you who want to be involved in any of all of these enjoyable activities.

Kayaking and Canoeing

Kayaking is the fastest growing water sport because it offers healthy exercise, outdoor fun, the opportunity to do it alone or with friends, adventure or simply a peaceful way to enjoy the water instead of standing on the shore. Kayaking is fun because the boat is generally enclosed so you don’t have to worry about falling out. You simply paddle to your heart’s content. Canoes are usually open boats so you can enjoy the freedom of the water even more than with kayaking if you like to be able to move around a little.

Both kayaking and canoeing offer you plenty of exercise to keep you healthy. The rowing is low impact and it can improve your overall strength, fitness and flexibility. Both activities will boost your muscle strength, especially in your arms, shoulders, back and chest. Your torso and legs will gain strength through the rowing actions and it’s also very enjoyable.

Necessary Equipment for Sea Kayaking

Whether you plan to do one or all of these activities, you’ll need the right equipment. A real enthusiast will probably buy their own equipment which is good because having your own kayak or canoe means you can get to know all its idiosyncrasies. You also get to look after it and that helps you appreciate the sport even more.

If you rent your equipment, these activities are very affordable for even the most budget-conscious of people. There’s no need to break the bank in order to have fun in the great outdoors. In fact, renting is the best idea because there’s no point buying things if you find out after one adventure that you hate it and then you have all this equipment you need to sell.

You only live once so let us help you make the most of everything life has to offer out on the water.

The Joy of Kayaking – Some Tips and Background

Sea Kayak

Today’s kayak comes in many forms, all colors, and is made of a wide variety of materials.

If you are one of the world’s newest exercise nuts, you may be interested in kayaking as a form of exercise and relaxation. It seems that many people are pursuing this sport with a full passion for life, embarking on a variety of adventures with kayaks that create wonderful memories for years to come. Along with these memories, the kayak can create a sport that gives you a whole lot of exercise without a lot of extra bulk or equipment besides the kayak. It is sporting simplicity at its purest, enabling you to connect with nature and get set for lots of adventure with yourself as the pilot in the journey of a lifetime. Don’t just take my word for it, my biggest beginner kayaking tip is – get out there and try kayaking for yourself!

There is a reason that kayaking is becoming one of the world’s most popular single person sports. The simplicity of rowing a boat that only you fit in is coupled with the guts and intensity it can take to pursue some of the more complicated courses. With this going for it, it’s no wonder that so many people are trying kayaking as the gateway to adventure and good fitness. The kayak is propelled by a double bladed paddle that you use in a sequential way of rowing to enable your boat to go farther at faster speeds. The more rhythm you have in your rowing, the better your boat will perform.

Things You Need to Know About a Sea Kayak

For those of you interested in paddling lakes and rivers, a sea kayak is what you would need and the sport you are interested in is known as sea kayaking. The kayak is designed to be a quick and versatile boat with space enough for just one or three people.

It has its origins traced back to 4000 years ago when Eskimo hunters would use a small craft made out of a wooden frame that was assembled with sinew. The surface was covered with seal skin and had enough space just for one man to sit in and paddle rigorously with his arms. The modern day sea kayak is made out of rotomolded plastic.

Now in case you are planning on buying a kayak, here are a few essential things you must know.

A Portable Sea Kayak

Considering that you need to carry along the kayak while on a vacation, you would need one that offers portability. This is made possible with the production of inflatable kayaks that can be folded and packed easily.

The assembling and disassembling is easy enough and provides you with the opportunity of tagging your kayak around on a vacation. With loads of colors and designs to choose from, you would have to search for the one that best suits your personality.

The best kayak for beginners and intermediate users is the Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak. It will easily fit in your car trunk and is ideal for families, as you can go tandem with one parent and one child per kayak. This may not be suitable for heavy use very rocky areas but will be more than sufficient in more gentle areas.

A Comfortable Size

This is a crucial feature of the craft that you need to be cautious about as a wrong choice could mean discomfort to your body and could result in unnecessary physical injury. If you have never bought a kayak before, then it is recommended you get professional advice when buying the kayak.

First off, the sitting space is of immense importance. You have to test it out to see if your legs and abdomen is comfortable in the cockpit. Secondly, the paddlers should be within easy reach of your arms because if you are not comfortable with the paddler size and weight, it would be impossible for you to drive the vehicle through heavy waters.

Ideally, a sea kayak size should be somewhere between 12 feet to 24 feet, however, the longer the kayak, the more difficult it would be to make a turn.

The Right Kind of Sea Kayak Material

When choosing the material of a kayak, make sure it is something light yet durable. You would want a craft that shouldn’t be too difficult in maneuvering especially if you are planning to go solo. There are fiberglass kayaks, rotomolded polyethylene and even carbon fiber.

Along with that you will also have thermoformed kayaks, wooden kayaks and even do it yourself kayaks. Now all of this depends on how aggressively you want to use the craft. Are you planning to go on a long sea expedition?

Are you planning to take it through rough rivers and lakes? Or are you simply enjoying a peaceful vacation paddling easily through a gentle lake. The use will determine which of the kayaks is best suitable for you. Again for this purpose, you should consider asking the help of a professional.

While sea kayaking is an enjoyable sport, there are certain safety precautions you want to take care of. For instance, always wear safety gears and practice paddling before you take on the kayak because within a matter of minutes, you could be straining your arm muscles if you have never practiced before. If you have never experienced paddling on a kayak before, do not buy the craft just yet.

The Gateway to Adventure

The kayak was originally developed by the Inuit hunters in the arctic regions of North American and in Greenland. It was used to track animals down across the icy waters. Now, the kayak is used for sport and it is made in a variety of designs and specifications that make it possible for people of all ages and sizes to try one out for their own purposes. The normal kayak accommodates one person, but there are other kayaks that can hold up to three people comfortable. Depending on the time of kayaking that you choose to do, you can find a kayak that will suit your needs and create an adventure for you.

Kayaking differs from canoeing in a number of ways. For starters, the kayak is a different vessel altogether. Canoes are flat bottomed boats with a single bladed paddle that propels it. Although kayaks are often called canoes in other countries, the differences are distinct. The kayak is rounded all the way around, making the roll-over a possibility for the kayaker.