Finding the Absolute Best Kayak Fishing Drysuit for this Winter

Kayak fishing is one of the most fun recreational activities with just the right amount of thrills. However, it gets extra hard during winters when you have to keep yourself warm and active. This is why you need to invest in a high-quality drysuit, which helps you stay dry and warm during kayaking.

Let’s find out which drysuits will be the best options for you this winter.

Recommended Drysuits for Kayak Fishing

Best Drysuits for the Cold and the Rain

Here are some of the best drysuits for kayak fishing in winters that you can go for.

Kokatat Hydrus 3L Meridian Dry Suit

Finding the Absolute Best Kayak Fishing Drysuit for this Winter

Finding the Absolute Best Kayak Fishing Drysuit for this Winter

Main Features

  • Three-layered Hydrus suit.
  • Neoprene cuff material.
  • Diagonal front pocket with zipper.


  • Ultra-lightweight material for easy kayaking.
  • Latex splash collar to prevent water influx.
  • Latex guff gasket for arm protection.
  • Fabric made of Hydrus.
  • Available in multiple sizes.


  • The belt can be restricting.

The first one in our roundup for this winter’s kayaking drysuits is this incredible product by Kokatat. It comes loaded with protective features that help you against both cold and water. As it has three layers in its fabric, it can create better insulation with trapped air. It does not let the cold winds come in contact with your skin while you are kayaking at high speeds. It retains your body heat well to keep you safe from hypothermia.

Moreover, it has a lightweight Hydrus material in its construction, which does not restrict your movement. The soft and lightweight fabric goes a long way in making kayak fishing enjoyable and comfortable in the winter too.

Furthermore, this Kokatat product has cuffs made of neoprene material, which works effectively as a shield against water. The top has a diagonal front pocket with a waterproof zipper, which can be great for safekeeping your essentials. The collar and cuff gasket have latex reinforcement, which wraps around your skin firmly. They do not cause any restriction of blood flow but keep you dry quite well.

The dry suit is available in two colors and has multiple sizes too. You can go to the electric blue suit if you want something attractive yet subtle. But, the tangerine suit is better suited to people who do not mind a dab of flashy colors. The light grey pants balance the overall look, so you do not have to worry about colors going out of proportion. So, anyone can get it as long as they love kayak fishing and winters both.

Our Thoughts On It

After comparing it with other drysuit options, we suggest it to kayak fishing lovers wholeheartedly. The best thing about it is that it does not have an outrageously high price like other suits.

Along with that, the working of its material and the design is perfect for winters. It can stay functional even in rapid waters where your kayak can get a little challenging. So, choosing this Kokatat product will be a great decision if you want both affordability and comfort.

  • Hydrus 3.0 (3-layer) fabric
  • Nylon waterproof front entry zipper
  • Latex wrist gasket with adjustable hook & loop cuff
  • Latex neck gasket
  • Reinforcement seat and knee patches; self draining

O’Neill Men’s Boost 300g Drysuit

Finding the Absolute Best Kayak Fishing Drysuit for this Winter

Finding the Absolute Best Kayak Fishing Drysuit for this Winter

Main Features

  • Nylon material for effective water protection.
  • Loose-fitting suit provides better agility.
  • 3 inches high collar.


  • Nylon shell has three layers.
  • High quality imported drysuit.
  • High mobility due to loose fit.
  • Latex ankle and wrist seals.
  • High resistance to abrasion.


  • Neoprene neck can feel too snug.

This is yet another impressive drysuit on our list, which will provide you optimal convenience this winter. It has a very lightweight construction at only 300 grams, which can make your movement effortless. The suit seems simple to look at but has many astounding features if you look at the specifications.

The most striking feature is the presence of Latex seals on the wrists and ankles. This does not let any water into the suit, so there are no weak spots in this drysuit. Since it has nylon construction, there is no problem with breathability or skin allergies. The suit has a loose-fitting, so you stay comfortable in it even when you have to hike to the kayak fishing spot. There is a high collar in it that protects your upper body from any moisture too.

Moreover, it has a soft, comfortable material with no hard metallic accessories. So, there is no abrasion or redness of skin even after a day full of kayak fishing. Hence, you should go for it if you want to have greater agility along with better water resistance.

Our Thoughts On It

We have found it to be a remarkable drysuit for those who love to hit waters with their kayak on winters. It can shield your skin from the cold water splashes just fine without you needing any raincoat or any additional protection against the weather. Its working against the cold in the air is magical too, as it keeps you warm without making it unbearably hot for you.

As it has a horizontal zip at the back, it can get a little hard to wear. But you can get used to it fairly easily. Thus, all in all, it is worth a shot if you are looking for something to take your kayak fishing game to the next level.

  • 3 layer breathable nylon shell
  • Loose fit drysuit
  • Neoprene neck seal
  • Laytex wrist and ankle seals
  • Waterproof horizontal back zip

Stohlquist Ez Drysuit

Finding the Absolute Best Kayak Fishing Drysuit for this Winter

Finding the Absolute Best Kayak Fishing Drysuit for this Winter

Main Features

  • Breathable nylon material.
  • Twin sensor waterproof fabric.
  • Four layered shell of nylon.


  • Reinforced knees and seat.
  • Microporous coating for water resistance.
  • Easy to maintain and hand wash.
  • Universal sizing of dry socks.
  • Cross chest entry is completely waterproof.
  • Highly breathable with DWR finish.


  • Cuff gasket can be too tight.

This Stohlquist drysuit is the best bid for those who want something practical yet stylish. The all-black ensemble stays true to its promise of keeping you warm while you go kayaking in winters. Not only this, but it also has several other features that increase its allure for the adventure lovers.

The overall construction is of nylon material, which is highly breathable. It does not cause any skin issues even when you keep wearing it for hours. There is no sweating or blocking of air, so you stay both warm and fresh with this one.

In addition, this drysuit comes with twin sensors, which increase its water-resistance with the help of its 4 layers. The shell has DWR finish on top of the four layers, which keep you warm and dry. The nylon tricot lining and membrane lamination further up the warmth and dryness game.

Another impressive detail is the microporous coating on the surface, which keeps all the splashing water out. The seat and knees are softer than the rest of the suit since they have reinforced design. What makes it even more likable to adventurous souls is that it is easy to wash by hand. It does not need any specific detergents or cleaners, so it has easy maintenance overall.

The dry socks that come with it have universal sizing, so you can lend them to your family members too. They will not cause any issues when you put them on as they adjust to the size of everyone’s feet.

Our Thoughts On It

In our view, this is a cool drysuit that is sure to last for years and make kayak fishing more fun for you. The hydrophobic coating on the surface keeps it well prepared to keep you dry.

As it has DWR finishing, it can beat most of the drysuits on the market when it comes to dryness. As the Cordura reinforcement on the seat and knees has mesh drainers, using it is even easier. So, your investment will be safe if you choose to buy this drysuit by Stohlquist.

  • 4 Layer Twin Sensor Waterproof/Breathable Fabric: Nylon Shell Fabric with DWR Finish, Hydrophobic/Microporous Coating, Laminated Membrane, Nylon tricot lining
  • Super Stretch Neoprene Neck Gasket. MasterSeal waterproof cross-chest entry and relief zippers. Cordura reinforced seat and knees with mesh drainers …

Kokatat Men’s Gore-Tex Front Entry Drysuit

Finding the Absolute Best Kayak Fishing Drysuit for this Winter

Finding the Absolute Best Kayak Fishing Drysuit for this Winter

Main Features

  • Attractive colors with grey pants.
  • Three-layered shell of Gore-Tex.
  • Cuff gasket made of latex


  • Laminated shell for better water resistance.
  • Nylon body with reinforced seat and knees.
  • Fully taped seams for better fishing.
  • Front entry suit for easy wearing.
  • Neoprene cuffs to prevent rashes.


  • Tricky warranty policy.

If you value both your comfort and style, then this Kokatat drysuit is surely the thing for you. It comes in two chic colors that help you stand out from others when you go out to kayak fishing. This way, you can look good while having the time of your life. Both mantis and brick red tops look perfect with the grey-black pants. This drysuit stands out to us with its diagonal zipper opening, which runs across the chest. This way, it helps you get into and out of the suit within no time. Thus, you will be all ready to go kayak fishing when you put it on.

In addition, it has a height of 5 inches and a width of 16 inches. These dimensions make it the right fit for average-sized people who love these activities. Moreover, it has Cordura reinforcement at the seat and knees areas, which provide you better support. It cushions your body while you sit on rocky surfaces or bang your knees with the kayak accidentally.

The nylon drysuit has a high resistance to water and keeps you dry for the longest possible time. It further has three layers of Gore-Tex shell on it, which trap air to insulate body heat. This then prevents any loss of warmth even when you face chilly winds. The shell also has a laminated surface that keeps water out of the suit.

Furthermore, its neck and cuffs are made of neoprene, which goes a long way in maximizing your comfort. The cuff gasket has a latex construction, so it keeps your arms dry as well.

Our Thoughts On It

In our opinion, it is one of the best drysuits for winter kayak fishing that the market has to offer. It has a choice of two amazing colors which you can coordinate with your kayak and paddle. It has superior water resistance with the laminated membrane on the fabric and the latex cuff gasket.

The neck is also snug, and the neoprene neck material helps you in breathing easily. As it has taped seams, there is hardly any risk of water or weather damage to this suit. So, you are sure to enjoy kayak fishing with this one for years, no matter how cold it is outside.

Ocean Rodeo Soul Breathable Drysuit

Finding the Absolute Best Kayak Fishing Drysuit for this Winter

Finding the Absolute Best Kayak Fishing Drysuit for this Winter

Main Features

  • Customizable levels of warmth.
  • Best for winter kayaking.
  • Front zipper provides greater ease of wearing.


  • Removable hood for better protection against wind.
  • Very high breathability.
  • Completely waterproof design.
  • Vertical front zipped pocket.
  • Flexible material helps with comfort and fitting.


  • Seems overpriced to some.

The Ocean Rodeo soul breathable drysuit is another great addition to our list of the best drysuits for winter kayak fishing. It has a different construction from the other drysuits in terms of the basic design. Its shirt and pants are not stitched together. Rather, they are separate, and the shirt’s front even has a vertical zipper to be worn just like any other jacket.

Moreover, this drysuit has a removable hood that helps in keeping the harsh cold wind at bay. The hood also helps you keep your hair and face free of water even when it is raining. The drysuit also comes with a heat underwear system which you can use to customize the level of warmth during kayaking. With this, you can adjust the warmth according to your needs to avoid overheating or hypothermia.

Another amazing feature that manufacturers have come up with is the flexibility of the fabric. It helps you get the right snug fitting without having any lanky clothes or extra tight clothing. This way, you can stay more active as you do not have to worry about stretching or relaxing your body all the while.

The Ocean Rodeo drysuit has 100% breathable materials in its construction that help you stay comfortable. It actively prevents excessive sweating and unease due to restricted air supply. So, this is a great drysuit for kayak fishing in the winter weather.

Our Thoughts On It

Well, this might seem like a pricey drysuit to some. But, we have found it to be worth the money as its features outweigh its cost. The suit is designed particularly for sailing, kiteboarding, and kayak fishing. It keeps you safe both in terms of getting cold or wet.

Furthermore, it has a unique style with a vertical self-opening zipper than the usual diagonal one. It also comes in three attractive colors which go well in most seasons without fading or any major wear and tear. So, we encourage you to buy this one if you do not have any budget constraints.

  • Designed with flexibility and mobility
  • Made with 100% breathable materials
  • Stand-by or full Drysuit mode - captive zip self entry
  • Features: waterproof, breatable material; Captive-Zip self entry; crotch relief zip; and, removable hood
  • Specifically designed for sailing, pwc operations, and stand-up paddling …

Which Fits You Best? – Buying Guidelines

There are a plethora of kayaking drysuits on the market that you can go for. But, finding the right fit according to your own body is a compulsion. Here are the buying guidelines that you have to keep in mind while choosing a drysuit.


The material of a drysuit makes a major difference when it comes to its usability. The drysuit has to have a hydrophilic layer on it to prevent any water from seeping in. But it should not be so thick as to cause problems with breathing.


The size of a drysuit is another important consideration because it affects your mobility. The arms and legs of the suit have to be of the right length to prevent any obstruction in kayak fishing.


Well, the fitting has to be perfect to help you stay active too. It should be a snug fit to keep you warm as well as agile. A drysuit that is too loose or too tight can make the water get into it and make you feel cold.


The breathability of a drysuit is significant to consider too. If the suit is not breathable, it will make you sweat even in severe cold. The suit has to keep out the moisture without obstructing airflow.

Rules for Kayak Fishing in the Winter

Kayak fishing in winters is more thrilling because of the additional challenges brought by the cold. So, you have to be mindful of the following rules.

  • Dress yourself up in a drysuit to make sure you do not catch any cold during winters when kayaking.
  • Never forget to wear your life jacket even when you are a pro swimmer.
  • Read up the local legislation and rules regarding the place that you are going for kayak fishing.
  • Do not leave any residue or trash behind after you are done with your activities.

Closing Thoughts About the Best Kayaking Drysuits

Finding a comfortable, waterproof drysuit for your kayaking experience with a good fit may greatly improve the quality of the activity. Hope our guide has provided you with some attractive options to choose from, and you have learned about the most important attributes of these kayaking drysuits.