Kayak Anglers’ Christmas Gift Guide: The 20 Best Ideas for Kayak Fishermen

You do not need any occasion to bring a smile to a loved one’s face with a thoughtful and useful gift. However, with the holiday season approaching and the unusual year of 2020 finally coming to an end, there is nothing better to celebrate it with than a kayaking and fishing themed gift that can bring a smile to your friend, partner, or family member who has a passion for fishing.

20 Useful Gift Ideas for Kayak Fishermen

If you are a kayak fisherman, there is no place in the world you would enjoy more than above the water! Even on days when the kayak lovers and anglers are away from their kayaks, they think about the sea many times a day. Why would you give your loved one who loves kayak fishing a random gift when you can give them what they really need or would love to get?

Fishing Magazine Subscription

Do you know what kayak anglers think most about when they are not in their kayaks? They think about fishing! What will be a better gift than to give them a fishing magazine subscription that they can enjoy all year long? These fishing magazines are packed with fishing kayak reviews, inside information on great freshwater and saltwater hotspots, and fishing reports. It is not just informative, but also entertaining, and your angler buddy is going to love you for that!

Fishing Lures and Baits

kayak fishing bait gift

A set of good fishing lures and baits is an angler’s best friend, and they can never get enough of them. Some fish respond well to bait while some species of fish are more responsive to lures. Lures are generally used in most catch-and-release fisheries where undersized and non-target fish are in abundance. They are great in warmer weather and clearer water. On the other hand, baits work great at night or when it is extremely cold. They are also used when the water is muddy. Getting your loved one fishing lures and baits is always a great idea.

Digital Fishing Scale

For people who love to fish, it is crucial to have a good fishing scale. Why not gift your fisherman friend a digital fishing scale? The digital and electronic scales cost less and do the job great. Digital fishing scales can not only be used for weight fish, but also in general day-to-day activities. While buying one, make sure you consider some important factors including the weight range, quality, as well as attachment mechanism. A digital fishing scale certainly comes across as a thoughtful gift!

Paddle Float

When you are out around water, things can go south. For safety and rescue, having a paddle float is very important. You can gift a paddle float to your loved one who is into kayaking, and he/ she will love this caring gift. A paddle float rescue is one of the first self-rescues that most of the kayakers learn and they find it to be crucial for their safety. It is an inflatable bag that may look simple, but it saves lives!

Kayak Cushion

Comfort comes first, so why not gift your loved one a kayak cushion to make their kayaking adventures more comfortable? This way, they can enjoy a longer duration of time on the water by placing a kayak cushion in their kayaks. If you are thinking of getting a thoughtful gift that shows that you care, there is nothing better than a kayak cushion that can remind them of you even when they are out fishing.


Pogies are open-ended envelopes that go over your paddle to provide the paddler with maximum warmth. It has an opening for the hand so the paddler can easily take the hand out or put it inside the pogies – whatever the situation demands. Gifting pogies is a great idea since it not only offers usability but also show that you care!

Neoprene Socks

Neoprene is a popular material among fishermen as it provides protection against aquatic activities. Neoprene socks provide your feet with much-needed insulation and hence comfort. These socks are super comfortable to wear in the kayak. Why not get a pair of neoprene socks for your angler friend – it certainly shows you have put in a lot of thought!

Fishing Rod

A fishing rod may be a simple stick with a dangling hook for a layman, but for kayak fishermen and anglers, a fishing rod can certainly be the best gift they can get. If you know your loved one likes to fish, gifting him/ her a fishing rod will certainly add to his/ her fishing treasure! And they will love you for that!

Kayak Lights

When moonlight or starlight is not enough, kayak fishermen go for kayak lights to help them navigate in the dark. A kayak light is portable, submersible, and very practical. Tell your loved ones that you understand their fishing hobby or sport by gifting them a good quality kayak light that they can take on their kayak adventures.

Waterproof Dry Bag

A waterproof dry bag is crucial to keeping the fishing gear dry and is one of the most important kayaking great your loved one may need. No one can enjoy their kayak or fishing adventure when everything gets wet. A waterproof dry bag makes a perfect gift that is very practical. Dry bags come in different shapes and sizes, depending upon the gear that needs to be stored inside.

You can even gift them with a larger waterproof dry bag with more than 50 liters of space – it can even fit in a rolled-up sleeping bag as well as components of their tents for their overnight kayak adventures. A smaller dry bag (20 to 30 liters) is also spacious enough to carry important fishing as well as clothing gear.

Kayak Compass

A kayak compass is a practical and thoughtful gift and can be handy when it comes to finding the way on the water. While the gift receiver may have a GPS or any gadget that can assist them to pinpoint their location, a kayak compass can be a very effective tool especially when other gadgets fail.

There are different styles of kayak compasses available. Many of them have straps, clips, or bungee cords that they can attach directly to the existing points on the kayak. So, it makes a great gift that does not require any additional hardware work. While gifting a kayak compass, keep in mind some of the important features such as its readability, quality, durability, and mounting options. Some compasses come with lights that illuminate the dial in the dark. Check what features you want, or your kayak angler may love to have, and go for it!

kayak fishing compass

Fishing Tackle System

A fishing tackle system is the fishing equipment that your angler buddy uses while fishing. A fishing tackle system may comprise tackle boxes, hooks, floats, rods, lures, lines, sinkers, reels, baits, nets, gaffs, spears, traps, and waders. It is a presentable and thoughtful gift. Getting your kayak and fishing enthusiast a fishing tackle system is a great idea and they will remember you every time they catch a fish!

Tackle Bag

A tackle bag, or a fishing tackle bag, is a lightweight and easy to carry solution for an angler’s storage problems. There are different types of tackle bags available, depending upon the size, capability, and style that suits your kayak buddy the most. The angler can comfortably wear the bag across the chest to have easy access to fishing accessories.

A good tackle bag has room for all important stuff including lures, bait, an assortment of hooks, fishing knives, fish-finders, pliers, and hook cutters. Some even have spare pockets for your valuables such as a wallet, smartphone, and keys as well.

Every angler needs a tackle bag on the dock or boat, and if your kayak angler friend does not have one or it has gotten too ragged, it is time to get him/ her a new one!


A Personal Floatation Device or a PFD is an extremely important part of safety gear that your kayaking loving friend or family member may take with them when they go out kayaking. But for kayak anglers there is another important function that PFD offers – they double as a fishing vest.

There are two main types of PFDs – inflatable PFDs and foam-based PFDs. The foam PFDs are most commonly used by kayak anglers and provide low maintenance as well as automatic buoyancy (they provide floatation without having to manually activate them). However, they tend to be bulkier and needs to be properly dried before storing them away. An inflatable PFD, on the other hand, is more comfortable but they do need regular testing to make sure they are working properly.

Make sure you gift a PFD that is specially designed for kayaking. Look for features such as storage, comfort, and durability. There are many PFDs out there that are manufactured for recreational boating. Recreational boating does not require the same freedom of movement as it is needed to paddle or cast a rod while one is on a kayak. Even if you feel that your loved one enjoys kayaking or fishing as a recreational activity, still get him/her a Personal Floatation Device that is specially designed for kayak anglers. Talking about a gift that can come in handy!

Kayak Fishing T-shirt

Spending a lot of time open under the scorching sun with not much shade can get pretty hot pretty quickly! This is something kayak anglers have to face regularly so gifting them a nice, light-weight T-shirt is a great idea. And the T-shirt does not have to be boring. You can get your loved one a T-shirt with a funny tag line related to kayaking and fishing. More on that later.

You can go for a full-sleeved T-shirt or a short-sleeved one depending upon the wearer’s preferences. Make sure the T-shirt is made with a quick-dry material so your gift is not just attractive but also practical.

Waterproof Phone Case

Even the most waterproof smartphones are not designed to be submerged in water for long intervals. That is why your kayak loving friend needs a waterproof phone case. This way he/ she can take pictures of his/ her adventures and communicate from the kayak without any worry.

Generally, if an angler drops his/ her phone in the water, the phone does not float. But with a waterproof phone case, you often get the option to fill the case with air so the phone, if accidentally dropped into water, floats to the surface. A waterproof phone case makes a great gift for a kayak fisherman.

mpow waterproof case

Fishing Knife Set

A good fishing knife set is crucial for a kayak fisherman. The knives need to be sharp and must offer a good grip. Another great option is the adjustability feature where the fisherman can adjust the length of the knife depending upon the needs as there are different sizes and varieties of species they catch.

There are different types of fishing knife sets that you can choose from, depending upon their design, functionality, and price. It is better to go with an extendable blade that extends from 6 to 9 inches (to be used with a variety of catches), has a notched line cutter for trimming fish line, as well as have a sharpening stone to sharpen the dull hooks. Gifting your loved one a fishing knife set is right up their alley – it’s practical, thoughtful, and presentable.

Fishing Pliers

It is believed that a kayak angler generally overlooks the importance of purchasing a fishing plier until he/ she is in desperate need of one. Why not gift your angler friend an unusual yet super thoughtful gift of a fishing plier? A good fishing plier can be used to remove hooks, change split rings, cut lines, bend wires, crimp weights, construct leaders, and do so much more. A fishing plier can be the one tool your fishing buddy has been needing – he/ she would love to receive it!


A multitool or a fishing multi-tool is a great tool to have when one goes out for fishing. It is a versatile tool that helps kayak anglers in numerous sticky situations. A multitool is a single tool that has built-in multiple tools. You can cut a line, tighten a screw, and even scale a fish using your multitool. Make sure you do your research as there are different options available in different types and brands of multitools.

The ideal multitool should be able to do simple tasks such as working as a can opener and a screwdriver, to complex ones like cutting a wire or work as a bolt gripper. A good quality multitool can make a kayak trip worry-free, so gifting one to your kayak-loving friend shows that you have done your research well and put in extra thought.

Rod Rack

A fishing rod rack keeps the fishing equipment organized and safe and is a must-have for all kayak fishermen. This is exactly why a fishing rod rack makes such a perfect gift. There are different types of rod racks available for you to choose from. It is a good idea to go for a vertical rod rack that takes less space and can be easily mounted on the wall. Often a rod rack accommodates multiple rods and reel combinations.

A rod rack is an attractive piece of fishing furniture that your kayak angler friend or family member will love to receive.

De-fishing Soap

For a kayak angler, getting a de-fishing soap is a great idea as there are so many varieties available in the market. You can go for an organic de-fishing soap that does not mask the odor, instead, it eliminates it completely. There are many great quality de-fishing soaps available that are biodegradable and made with only natural ingredients. This way, the fishing-enthusiasts can wash their hands in the lake or streams without causing any threat to the environment. After all, your friend does not have to smell like a fish after catching one!

Some Funny Gift Ideas for both Kayakers and Anglers

There is nothing better than gifts that make the receiver smile. Here are some of the most interesting funny gift ideas that are not just thoughtful but also funny as well.

Funny T-shirts

kayak fishing rodfather t shirt

If you are a passionate kayaker or angler and love watching movies, the God Father version of this T-shirt will not only bring smiles to the wearer but also to those who see him/ her wearing it. You can get your Rod Father T-shirt here.

Nothing can express your love or the gift receiver’s love for kayaking that these two T-shirts. The “I’d rather be kayak fishing” (click here to view it) and “I like kayak fishing and maybe 3 people” (order yours from here) sums up a true kayaker’s love for the sport more than he/ she loves anything!

For women kayakers who prefer a cool shirt with a catchy tagline explicitly designed for female kayak lovers, how about the Kayak Girl” T-Shirt or the “I’m a kayak girl – just like a normal girl, except much cooler” that you can order from here.

Men love to do kayak fishing, so why not express it on a casual T-shirt with the tagline “Kayak fishing – very cool, highly recommended” that you can get one from here. If you think you would rather do kayaking than anything else, why not say it out loud with a chic T-shirt “I’d rather be kayak fishing” that you can get yours from here. And this labeled kayak T-shirt is by-far the coolest one – get one for a loved one and one for yourself! Order it here.

Funny Hoodies

kayak fishing hoodie

Hoodies are always in trend and they make a wonderful gift. However, for a kayak lover or water lover, getting a stylish hoody with a funny tagline is double the fun, and shows that you have put in some extra thought – and smiles. If your friend, partner, or family member loves to spend their time fishing or kayaking, how about these super cool hoodies:

  • “I’d rather be kayak fishing” hoody – get yours from here
  • “I’d rather be trout fishing” hood – available here
  • “I’d rather be Topwater Fishing” hoody from here
  • The hilarious “Bass Fishing saved me from becoming a pornstar – now I am just a Hooker on the weekends” hoody from here

Other Funny Apparel

kayak fishing funny socks

You can always complement your gift with funny apparel. How about this super hilarious tagline on the colorful socks “If you can read this, I’d be fishing” that you can order from here. And nothing expresses the deep love for fishing than a statement-giving “Fishoholic” fishing hat (select from a variety of colors from here)

Other Funny Gift Ideas

fishoholic kayak cup

Do you still need more gift ideas? How about the “Fishoholic” stainless steel and vacuum insulated mug with a lid. Get one from here. Or how about some fishing-themed beer sleeves that you can get from here.

Nothing looks funnier than a catchy tagline on a mug! The “It might look like I’m listening to you, but in my head, I’m Kayaking” mug cannot get any much truer or funnier, for most kayak lovers. Pick your size from here.

The enamel-based camping mug with the tagline “Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy fishing gear which is pretty much the same” is actually true! How about ordering here from here.

The ceramic mug “MILF: Man I Love Fishing” (that you can get from here) is also a great gift idea for anglers and fish lovers.

The “Kayak Life” mug (that you can order from here) along with the funny mug stating “I love it when she bends over” (available here) is sure to bring a big smile, if not a laugh, on your fisherman buddy, sibling, or partner.


If you are not sure what to buy a kayak angler on his/ her special day or as a holiday gift, now you have tons of ideas. Depending upon your budget you can get your fishing or kayak-loving buddy a combination of fishing gear that he/ she would not only find useful and practical but will also remind them of you whenever they go fishing or kayaking. Spending time outdoors as a kayak fisherman or angler is so much fun, and now with such amazing gift options, you can make it even more exciting for your loved ones.