Best Kayak Covers for Outdoor Storage

Investing in a kayak is a huge decision, but equally important is the need to keep it safe from all kinds of damage. A kayak cover comes in handy and keeps water, debris, dirt, and all kinds of insects outside your unit. With the models listed below, you can surely keep your kayak in outdoor storage for as long as you want.

10 Best Kayak Covers for Outside Storage

With so many units in the market, choosing one that suits you can be a hard task. This is why we have listed down the most amazing models in this review. You can look at their features and choose one model that fits your criteria the best.

Classic Accessories StormPro Waterproof Heavy-Duty Kayak/Canoe Cover

Best Kayak Covers for Outdoor Storage

Best Kayak Covers for Outdoor Storage

For heavy-duty construction, there is one model that instantly comes to mind. Classic Accessories StormPro is an excellent cover that allows complete protection against all kinds of weather. This includes protection from snow, ice, and storm. Not just that, but you will also get to enjoy a good warranty.

The first thing you will notice about the model is that it is long enough to suit a variety of kayaks. It is around 16 feet long and allows extra room for accessories like paddles, life vests, and other useful gear. Moreover, it comes with strong and durable straps that allow for full adjustability, so you can fit this cover on a variety of kayaks.

Additionally, the fabric coating technology allows for excellent durability. This amazing technology allows for complete resistance against weather and water, so you will be sure to keep your unit safe from all kinds of damage.

So if you are looking for one of the most exquisite models in the market, this is definitely one you should consider.

  • Fits most kayaks or canoes up to 12' Long and is full-cut to allow extra room for accessories such as paddles, life vests, etc
  • Fabric coating technology for max water Repellency, protection, structured vents stay open to prevent wind lofting & are lined with mesh barriers resistance and all-weather protection …

Seals Ultra Kayak Cockpit Cover with Tether and Hull Strap

Best Kayak Covers for Outdoor Storage

Best Kayak Covers for Outdoor Storage

For lightweight and durable construction, many people choose to go with this amazing kayak cover. It comes with some of the most impressive features.

It comes with a marine-grade 600 denier polyester construction that ensures strength. There is also a very hard but smooth fabric that covers the top. This is also made with a fade-free material that ensures longevity. The material is also very lightweight, a feature that adds greatly to its portability.

But what’s equally interesting is the use of rim grip technology that adds to its appeal. This allows you to better hold onto the material and avoid any slip-ups. Moreover, the unit comes with a bungee cord rim attachment that allows for full adjustability so the model can be stored in a number of places. You can keep it in your car or cupboard and even on your kayak. Another feature that adds to better storage is the hull strap.

The rim grip technology also keeps your cover in place and ensures that it doesn’t collapse due to the higher water weight at any time. Plus, there are double-stitched seams that allow for greater durability.

The model is also known for keeping all kinds of bugs and debris out of your kayak. There is also a tether hook that keeps the cover secure over your kayak, especially when you are driving in relatively high winds.

So if you are looking for a model that can better hold its ground, we definitely recommend this one.

  • Marine grade (600 denier) coated polyester fabric for a lightweight, reliable, fade-free dry seal.
  • Rim grip technology
  • Adjustable bungee cord rim attachment
  • Hull strap security feature
  • Tether Hook

Hobie Pro Angler 12 Cover

Best Kayak Covers for Outdoor Storage

Best Kayak Covers for Outdoor Storage

Hobie Pro Angler has managed to make an excellent repute for itself in the industry. Much of this has to do with how excellent the model is.

The best thing about this cover is that it comes with straps and pull strings that allow for a very tight fit. Other cross straps provide additional security during the transport of the cover. This also comes in handy when you are traveling on rough roads or on top of rough waters.

Additionally, the polyester cover allows for 100% resistance against water and debris. Moreover, the double-stitched seams ensure greater durability and safety.

Greater diversity is another excellent feature associated with the Hobie Pro Angler cover. You can not only fit it over the hull when it’s upright, but you can also do so when it’s upside down. Furthermore, the cover can fit over the hull just like a sheet would over a mattress.

Plus, durable and strong pull strings and straps provide for a tight but easy fit. But most importantly, these straps are adjustable and easy to use.

So if you are looking for a cover that offers the greatest comfort and ease of usage, this is the one for you.

  • Straps and pull strings adjust for a tight fit
  • Cross straps provide security during transport
  • Red storage bag doubles as safety flag during transport
  • Fitted for the Pro Angler 12
  • 100% polyester covers are UV/water resistant with double layered double stitched seams

Dulcii Universal Camouflage Kayak Cover Shield

Best Kayak Covers for Outdoor Storage

Best Kayak Covers for Outdoor Storage

This multi-functional unit is suitable for anyone looking to add convenience to their kayaking experience.

For protection against the snow, the cover comes with UV resistance and allows for better protection against the sun. Not just that, but it also allows for complete resistance against debris and dust. All this means that you have to spend hardly any time on the maintenance of your kayak.

It is also great for off-season storage and ensures better protection from snow damage. On top of that, you will get to enjoy more convenience and be able to operate it without the need for any tools. There are also two additional straps in the design that you can adjust according to the kayak. This makes it suitable to be used for a number of different kayaks.

All in all, if you are looking for greater universality and a model that can be used with almost all kinds of kayaks, this is certainly the best option for you.

  • MULTI-FONCTION - UV resistant, sun protection, waterproof anti-dust, and snow protection
  • DURABLE KAYAK STORAGE COVER - Long term protection from damage caused on Kayak Canoe. It can protect against damaging built-up, sun, rain, and snow damage. Great for off-season storage or as a quick cover for kayak Canoe Paddle Board …

Danuu Deluxe Kayak Storage Cover

Best Kayak Covers for Outdoor Storage

Best Kayak Covers for Outdoor Storage

This Danuu model is going to completely revolutionize your kayaking experience.

The most important reason why people choose to invest heavily in this model is that it provides better protection. This is not the usual protection that kayaks get from water. In fact, this cover uses strong and durable polyester material that ensures the highest levels of protection against the harmful rays of the sun. Moreover, the material is stitched on both sides and comes with reinforced seams. Apart from ensuring protection, this also ensures longevity for the model.

The model comes with at least four side adjustment straps and an excellent drawstring perimeter. This, along with additional V-loop tie-down points, further adds to the appeal. Additionally, there is a flag bag inserted inside that allows for greater storage options.

Another thing that sits well with users is the relatively lower price of the unit. Many users have noticed that this model is relatively cheaper than many others in the market. However, a major drawback is that it doesn’t offer a very good fit. It can be used with a number of different boats, but it doesn’t fit tightly on any specific one.

  • 100% UV-resistant polyester w/ water-resistant coating
  • Double stitched & reinforced seams
  • 4 side adjustment straps and a drawstring perimeter
  • Additional V-loop tiedown points
  • Built in visibility/storage FlagBag

Perception TrueFit Kayak Cockpit Cover – for Sit Inside Kayaks

Best Kayak Covers for Outdoor Storage

Best Kayak Covers for Outdoor Storage

Unlike other models, this cover is not made to be used with all kinds of kayaks. But what it lacks in universality, it makes more than up for in terms of portability.

For starters, it is important to note that this model can fit on kayak cockpits that measure between 34 and 36 inches in length and around 18 and 20 inches in width. However, you can also make it tightly fit a slightly larger kayak.

But what adds to the appeal of the unit is its excellent construction. Urethane-coated nylon oxford is used to construct the cover. This not only adds to the durability of the design but also makes it resistant to the harsh UV rays of the sun. Moreover, this unique construction makes it stand out in a world dominated by polyester covers.

There are also sticky edgings included that will tightly grip the cockpit rim and add further strength to the design.

However, one major drawback of the cover is that it can only be used with sit-in kayaks. It is also not intended for car-top transportation. However, if you are looking to have a kayaking experience without any worry, this should be your go-to model.

  • Keeps water & unwanted critters out of your kayak
  • P8 size fits Conduit 13, Carolina 12/14, Tribute 10 or other kayak cockpits measuring 38-40" (length) x 20-22" (width)
  • Constructed of durable urethane-coated nylon Oxford
  • Sticky edging grips the cockpit rim tightly and adds extra durability
  • Not Intended for car top transportation …

Wilderness Systems Kayak Cover

Best Kayak Covers for Outdoor Storage

Best Kayak Covers for Outdoor Storage

Most kayak covers in the market are susceptible to damage; however, this one provides you with unmatched strength.

When you first touch the cover, you will be amazed at the toughness it provides. It is made with 600 denier marine-grade polyester that provides greater resistance against wear and tear. Not just that, but the material is also super resistant to water. Moreover, it has been thoroughly tested to withstand more than 500 hours against UV rays. This means that regardless of how much you use this unit, you will not damage it.

Another thing that buyers absolutely love is the mid-deck design. This is not only fully contoured but also allows for greater adjustability. Both these things hence create a universal model. The design also ensures that the style seats, along with all other accessories, can remain installed as long as the cover is on.

Many models also lack a durable bungee ham, but luckily, this is not the case with this cover. The ham is not only very easy to install, but it also wraps the contours of your kayak with greater ease. This allows you to enjoy your kayaking experience with a lot more confidence.

This model’s only drawback is that it is slightly heavier and can only fit tightly on sit-on-top kayaks.

  • 600 denier marine-grade polyester is tough against tears, water resistant, and tested to withstand 500+ hours of UV exposure.
  • Contoured and adjustable mid-deck design allows larger stadium style seats and other accessories to remain installed while the cover is on.
  • Bungee hem is easy to install and wraps the contours of your kayak with ease …

Vulkin 9-12ft Kayak Cover and Carrier

Best Kayak Covers for Outdoor Storage

Best Kayak Covers for Outdoor Storage

With its premium-quality and amazing exterior, this model is sure to garner attention from viewers. And it certainly has over the last few years. We loved it not only for its higher affordability but also for its amazing construction.

For starters, it offers premium-quality construction that will put any other cover to shame. The cover is made to last a few years at the least. You will not have to worry about the material either ripping or tearing off in some weeks. Moreover, your unit will be able to bear harmful rays from the sun, dust or debris, and water due to rain or snow.

Additionally, the cover is considered revolutionary in a lot of other ways. It has emerged as one of the most durable and strong covers in the market through extensive research and expert engineering mechanisms. The lightweight model is also easy to carry and put on top of the car or truck. Moreover, there is a unique sling placed on top. This not only allows for easy lifting but also ensures greater stabilization.

There are also fully adjustable straps that allow for maximum comfort and ease. These straps are also very lightweight and come equipped with thick shoulder pads that decrease muscle fatigue. So if you are looking for an ergonomic design that lasts longer, this is the model for you.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY - If you’re looking for a premium indoor/outdoor cover that will protect & extend the life of your kayak(s), then this cover was made for you! With it’s durable and industrial strength materials, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you won’t have to worry about tearing or ripping & you’ll be able to protect your kayak from the elements like the sun, snow, rain & dust. Ease your mind and sleep comfortably knowing that VULKIN has got you covered on or off-season! …

Best Marine Kayak Cover

Best Kayak Covers for Outdoor Storage

Best Kayak Covers for Outdoor Storage

This is not your everyday kayak cover; there are so many things that make it stand out. Most importantly, it offers durability and not at the cost of portability.

It uses 210D polyester material that ensures maximum strength and allows you to enjoy greater convenience. Moreover, buyers love the diversity it has to offer. This is one of the very few options in the market that are available in a variety of different sizes.

Furthermore, it comes with wrap-around buckles and a drawstring bungee. These not only help in easy tightening of the unit around the kayak but also allow for greater adjustability at other times.

Another thing that you will love about the cover is the longevity it offers. Its higher durability and amazing construction make it suitable for long-time usage. On top of all of that, it comes with an excellent warranty.

So if you are looking for a lightweight, strong, and durable model, then look no further than this cover.

  • New & Improved 2022: We heard, we listened, we redesigned! What’s the point of a kayak cover if it doesn’t do it’s main job… protecting your kayak from the elements? We scrapped our old 210D polyester covers and tripled the durability with our new 600D covers! Big boats use durable 600D waterproof covers, so why not kayaks! You won’t find anything on the market that compares to our redesigned quality …

Gymtop 7.8-18ft Waterproof Kayak Canoe Cover

Best Kayak Covers for Outdoor Storage

Best Kayak Covers for Outdoor Storage

When it comes to this cover, the best feature, according to us, was the diversity. We were thrilled to know that this cover was suitable for seven different kinds of canoes and kayaks. This means that it can be used for a number of different designs with ease. Moreover, it can also be transported in a car, truck, or in the back of your kayak without any hassle. Plus, a specially supplied drawstring bag allows for effective storage.

Another thing that adds to the appeal of the cover is its highly resistant material. It uses 300D durable oxford taffeta material that protects it from damage. Not just that, but the model doesn’t achieve this durability at the cost of style. The material is very attractive and appears glossy on the surface, with silver paint material decorating the back. This allows for better protection against UV lights and prevents the cover from fading quickly.

  • ★THICKENED AND HIGHLY FADE-RESISTANT MATERIAL -- The UPGRADED kayak cover adopts 300D Thicken and Durable oxford Taffeta material with silky hand felt and glossy surface with silver paint material back inside, is more fadeless, UV resistant, waterproof and ripstop
  • ★ADD THE DESIGN OF BANDAGE -- An adjustable reinforcement bandage is added on a previous basis of elastic strap.The Bandage length can reach 4 feet,you can feel free to adjust it according to your kayak,and offer your excellent protection from being hit by rain, wind and waves …

Why Do You Need a Kayak Cover?

People invest highly in kayaks, but they never really prioritize kayak covers. This is problematic, especially because a kayak cover is useful for a great many reasons.

When you are inside a kayak, you will often want to experiment. Moreover, you may want to enter tough waters and enjoy going at faster speeds. A great kayak cover comes in handy and keeps most of the water and critters out. Kayaking is a water sport, one that involves a lot of water. However, it is very frustrating to sit on a wet seat. This is where a cover comes in.

Moreover, having critters inside is also no less of a hassle. You don’t want to enter your kayak every time and see spiders, or even snakes occupying it. A cockpit cover enhances security and keeps the cockpit safe when you are not around.

Another great thing about a kayak cover is that it is an excellent way to protect all of your important gear. This includes your spray skirt, PFD, and even your dry top at night. This not only keeps all of your gear safe from water but also protects it from storms and various extreme weather conditions.

Considerations for Choosing a Kayak Cover

We have reviewed some of the most amazing models for you above; however, in order to choose among these, there are some things you need to consider:

Type of Kayak and Size

The market is flooded with all kinds of kayaks. There are sit-in kayaks, sit-on-top kayaks, and canoe-style models. For each of these units, you need to invest in a separate cover.

You will, however, need to understand that kayak covers are very different from cockpit covers. The latter only protects the opening of the boat, whereas the former protects the entire vessel. Moreover, a cockpit cover will not protect the kayak from UV damage.

Once you have shortlisted the right kind of kayak covers, you need to know the right size. To find the most appropriate unit, you need to consider the different cover styles, transportation situation, and the boat itself.

You need to know the kind of kayak you have. Recreational kayaks tend to be slightly smaller in size, whereas fishing and touring kayaks tend to be slightly larger. Once you know the style and measurements of your boat, you can now choose a cover.

Some of the options above offer a universal fit and are very adjustable. However, others can only be put on either a sit-on or a sit-inside kayak. Moreover, it is important to note that even when covers offer greater adjustability, they still don’t offer a good fit.

kayak covers


This is yet another consideration that you need to keep in mind. It is very frustrating to return to your kayak and only to see it full of water, dirt, or even debris. A good kayak cover will not only keep your boat free from any moisture but will also make it last for a considerably longer time. Moreover, you will avoid sitting on wet seats, something that you will thank your kayak cover for.

UV Protection

A kayak cover, no matter how durable, will suffer from the harmful rays of the sun. This is where UV protestation material comes in. A suitable material like polyester will make sure to keep all kinds of harmful rays outside.

A kayak that is protected from UV is less likely to fade away or weaken over the years. So before you invest in your next kayak, make sure it offers a good amount of resistance against UV.

Closure Type

Kayak covers can be closed in a number of different ways. The way you close your kayak can influence its effectiveness and longevity.

Kayak covers are available in two main styles and the closure type for each differs. One is the shower cap style that can fit over the boat like a fitted sheet and they leave the bottom fully exposed. The other is a bag style, which resembles a sleeping bag for your boat. These cover the vessel and can be closed with drawstrings, zippers or even clips.

Shower cap styles are more preferred because they can be tied in a number of ways. You can either use drawstrings, or you can use straps like buckle, cross, wrap-around, or hull straps. Hull straps help to secure the excess material so that you can safely transport your kayak. Strap closure also offers adjustability.

Covers also come with bungee hem or roll and clip closure. The former is easier to use, whereas the latter allows you to adjust the cover according to the length of the kayak to ensure a snug fit.


There are many materials that make up kayak covers. The kind that is used for construction will greatly influence features like durability, affordability, and even portability. You should hence look for materials that allow for good resistance against moisture, dirt, and UV. But you should also look for materials that come with double stitching or reinforced seams. You can look out for either strong polyester or even Oxford Taffeta; both of them are excellent choices for kayak covers.

Fit and Compatibility

Like we mentioned earlier, a model is as good as its compatibility. You certainly don’t want to end up with a unit that doesn’t properly cover your kayak. To do this, you need to check the kind of kayak you have. Moreover, you will have to ensure that the cover not only protects the top of your boat but also provides safety to the entire unit.

You can also get a unit that offers universal compatibility. A model like this would ideally come with straps that ensure easy transportation, too. Moreover, these straps are adjustable and can assist in easy storage and fit.


For anyone who has a good kayak or canoe, getting a cover is absolutely necessary. There are many models in the market, but the ones we have mentioned above are truly worth considering. You can look at the top features of each model and choose one that suits you the best.