Best Kayak Fishing Crates in 2022 – Buyers Guide by Easy Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing crate options should be personalized choices, based on your needs and requirements. It is an ideal gear for those looking to stay neat and clean and well organized before and during the kayaking trip.

If you aren’t sure about the right kind of crate, you can always start with something cheap and available at home like a modified milk crate, and then move on to something more professional and purpose-built, once you have ascertained your usage.

To help you with your decision-making, we have written this guide and reviewed some of the best fishing crates and accessories available in the market. Let us look at them in more detail.

Recommended Kayak Fishing Crates

Top 10 Kayak Fishing Crate and Accessories

Here are the top 10 kayak fishing crates and accessories that are readily available in the market. These have been selected and shortlisted with care so you get to choose from the best brands and functionalities that will match your style, need, and budget.

This guide will also assist you with the best option available and their specifications. However, the final decision has to be yours, as you understand your personal requirements and know the dimensions of your kayak and storage needs, better than anyone.

Flambeau Outdoors 455TKP

Best Kayak Fishing Crates in 2022 – Buyers Guide by Easy Kayak Fishing

Best Kayak Fishing Crates in 2022 – Buyers Guide by Easy Kayak Fishing

This crate is purpose-built for kayaking purposes. The Tuff Krate offers an ultra-light tackle storage equipment that has several mounting surfaces so you can tailor a rig to suit any style of angling that you prefer.

Some if its specialized kayak angler specifications include a top compartment lid with a recessed work surface area, 2 OTC snap latches that provides you a strong closure, safety flag rings, and universal krate-to-kayak tie-down ports.

Tuff Krate Premium has two Flambeau 455TKR rod holders and ten stainless steel screws so you can customize your placements. You can also add rod holders to any of the panel.

This product is made in the USA and is rugged, light weight, and sturdy at the same time.

Some of its dimensions include: 16.75″ L x 12.8″ W x 15.26″ H assembled; holds up to (5) Flambeau 5000 series or (8) 4000 series Tuff Tainers.

It comes unassembled and can be swiftly and easily snapped up for us in a matter of minutes.

  • FREEDOM FROM THE NORM BY DESIGN: Purposefully engineered for the yaker, not the milkman, the Tuff Krate provides a lightweight tackle storage solution with ample mounting surfaces for tailoring a rig to any personalized angling style.
  • SPECIALIZED KAYAK ANGLER FEATURES: The top compartment lid features a recessed work surface area and double OTC snap latches for secure closure. Universal krate-to-kayak tie-down ports and safety flag rings …

Pelican Exocrate Fishing Bag

Best Kayak Fishing Crates in 2022 – Buyers Guide by Easy Kayak Fishing

Best Kayak Fishing Crates in 2022 – Buyers Guide by Easy Kayak Fishing

Now you can maximize your milk crate – thanks to Pelican’s ExoCrateFishing Bag. It can also be out to use minus the crate, as there are panels included with every bag. This bag can fit in any standard milk crate that is 13″ x 13″. The bag has many key features such as: two fishing rod holders with drainage holes, a lined storage compartment that has a secure and sturdy zipper, multiple compartments for storage of tools, loops that can mount the bag to the kayak, reflective logos (so you get greater visibility), and adjustable padded shoulder strap that can also be removed.

The bag is sunlight resistant as well as water proof to withstand the expected conditions when you are around water. It is constructed from tough 1200D polyester material for outstanding durability, reliability and enhanced performance.

  • Dimension: The EXOCRATE is specially made to accommodate any standard milkcrate 13 in. x 13 in. It can also be used without a crate due to the panels included with each bag.
  • Strong And Durable: This is a tough 1200D polyester material that is both UV and salt water resistant. The EXOCRATE offer you an exceptional long term performance and reliability …

Wilderness Systems Kayak Crate

Best Kayak Fishing Crates in 2022 – Buyers Guide by Easy Kayak Fishing

Best Kayak Fishing Crates in 2022 – Buyers Guide by Easy Kayak Fishing

This kayak crate utilizes the kayak tank superbly with a practical interface and modern look that you wouldn’t have experienced in a fish storing crate before. There is a large and open main compartment that can easily fit bigger gear and tackle boxes, whereas lighter and smaller stuff can be stored in the secondary lid storage compartment. It is pragmatic and sturdy within and externally as it is blow-molded, water-proof, has universal lash down points, and can be conveniently lashed with the tank well too. It also has four rod holders that come standard with this product.

You do not need to assemble it as it is ready to use. It also includes brackets to adjust the position of the rod holders in case you have narrow tank wells.

  • Large main compartment
  • Lid serves as additional storage
  • Comes standard with four (4) rod holders
  • Water resistant when latched closed
  • Universal lash down points.Comes with brackets to raise the position of the rod holders to accommodate narrow tankwells.No assembly required.Blow-molded for durability.Height: 13-1/4" - Width: 12-1/4" - Depth: 18".Weight: 10. 9 lbs - Capacity: 29 liters …

YakGear Cratewell

Best Kayak Fishing Crates in 2022 – Buyers Guide by Easy Kayak Fishing

Best Kayak Fishing Crates in 2022 – Buyers Guide by Easy Kayak Fishing

This crate is compatible with standard size milk crates and can be conveniently used for dry storage purposes or to modify your crate into a live well.

You can also add a bubbler (which is not included as part of this product) if you intend to transfer your crate into a live well so that you can hold baits.

The fishing gear can stay dry and secure whilst you fish away with the required peace of mind. The installation is super easy, and it is literally as simple as unpacking and fitting it into your crate.

The top comes with a Velcro flap so you can easily access the crate when zipped up. It also includes screw caps to protect the crate from ripping due to the exposed threads on the inner side of the crate. It is also lightweight and ideal for your expeditions when weight and space are big concerns.

  • Color : Black
  • Material : Nylon
  • Assembled width : 13"
  • Assembled length : 13"
  • YakGear logo

Plano PLAB88140 Kayak Crate Soft Bags

Best Kayak Fishing Crates in 2022 – Buyers Guide by Easy Kayak Fishing

Best Kayak Fishing Crates in 2022 – Buyers Guide by Easy Kayak Fishing

Plano has been creating storage accessories since 1952 and has been a renowned name. The kayak soft tackle bag, as the name suggest, is for tackle storage. It fits neatly in milk crate (that is not included in the packaging). It is durable and made from water-resistant material. It is strengthened by sturdy zippers, straps and latches.

It has a four-panel design that can be customized for storage purposes by removing or adding them. It has a wide open interior that affords two sections of bulk storage. The storage panels on the side can also be used as firm carry handles.

The lid can provide a large storage area with added zippered pocket. It has multiple D-rings and two tool holders that can give you convenient access to pliers, hook removers, et al.

The tackle backpack is modern and sleek and provides diversified usage and transportability for anglers who like to conveniently access their gear, all in one place. The air mesh straps are comfortable and come with padded back cushion that makes it easy to load items and offers a fuss-free fishing experience.

  • Plano Tackle Storage | Protecting your passion since 1952 | The ultimate kayak soft tackle bag | Dimensions 12" L x 17.5" W x 12.5" H | Includes: Two 3600 StowAway Utility Boxes | Capacity: Tackle bag is capable of carrying nine stows
  • Fits securely in milk crate (not included) or rests freestanding as crate alternative | Durable water-resistant fabric | Secured by series of sturdy zippers, straps and latches …

Plano PLAM80700 Kayak V-Crate Tackle Box & Bait Storage

Best Kayak Fishing Crates in 2022 – Buyers Guide by Easy Kayak Fishing

Best Kayak Fishing Crates in 2022 – Buyers Guide by Easy Kayak Fishing

The ultimate kayak tackle box has four stow away utility boxes (2 on each side) and comes in a unique V-shape for easy access from the sides and particularly helpful for the anglers who have limited mobility. They come with an angled fit and rubber straps that secure the sides and make for easy viewing and reach.

The side rail system conveniently latches the rod holders and other accessories. The base compartment is waterproof and secure your valuables. It is compact, versatile and super light stow away box that keeps items within your reach when you need them most.

  • Plano Tackle Storage | Protecting your passion since 1952 | The ultimate kayak tackle box | Dimensions at widest points: 25" L x 16" W x 18" H | Includes: Four StowAway Utility Boxes | Capacity: Tackle box is capable of carrying four stows
  • Unique V-shape provides easy side access - especially for those with limited mobility. Each side holds two stowaway utility boxes | Angled fit and rubber straps keep sides secure but open for easy viewing …

How To Choose The Right Kayak Fishing Crate?

You need to know the different types of kayak crates available for you to choose from. For example, the easy to use milk crate, sleek and modern shaped fishing crates or the kitted-out crates that include all bells and whistles for the avid gear collectors. The storage choices are endless and you need to decide on the one that suits your requirements the best.

The utility of a kayak fishing crate can never be underestimated and can be useful in a variety of situations – for a kayak angler who wants an organized kayak and easy access to the accessories or a recreational kayaker who simply wants a storage compartment for food and cold beverages.

Milk Crates

A kayak milk crate has been used by kayak anglers for several decades – thanks to its durability and affordability. It is also relatively compact in size and fits well into a tank well of a kayak. It can be customized in countless ways which adds to its utility and versatility. It’s also super light that makes it portable and easy to store.

Some kayak anglers cut out the bottom of a milk crate and mount it on top of another with the help of zip ties, to act as a lid. These types of crates should be secured with rod holders and bungee netting.

Kayak Bag

These bags are seen as a mix of a milk crate and a soft insulated tackle bag. The standard ones can accommodate within a standard milk crate, and can be placed inside or outside the primary compartment. The bag can be used for storage purposes on its own (like a tackle bag for shoreline or pier fishing purposes), or may add more firmness to your crate.

High-end Kayak Crates

There are sophisticated and purpose-built kayak crates available that have evolved a great deal over time. They are constructed from durable materials to provide them with longevity, and at the same time are light weight for easier portability. They also come with multiple external mounting options, so you can customize your setup in countless ways.

These crates are also water-proof which helps protect your gear and tackle, as they will, at some point in time, come in contact with the splashing water around you, or in case of an untoward accident.

Features To Consider

A fishing crate is an integral part of any fish kayaking trip, and helps you and your mind in staying clear and clean at all times, during the trip.

There are certain important aspects that you should pay special attention to whilst buying the fish kayaking crates. We have discussed the key ones below, so you always remember to factor them in before purchasing one.


Size of the crate is, by far, the most important consideration when you are deciding on buying one. As you can imagine, there is limited space available on a kayak, and that needs to be utilized intelligently.

You need to ensure that the exact dimensions and weight of the crate are an exact fit (or fit for purpose), as far as your kayak is concerned.


This is an important aspect when choosing the kayak fishing crate or any related accessory, as this dictates the durability and longevity of the product. The stronger the material, the better the quality of the gear, as it will be able to withstand forceful wear and tear. Always check whether the product’s body is hard or soft and ascertain its sturdiness accordingly.

Another important components is that the material should be water-proof. This should be commonsensical as you will be using the crate in the middle of water and for storage purposes.


It is important, and pretty elementary, to review and assess, as to which product will work best with which brands. Not all kayaks are meant to accommodate all types and kinds of crates and related accessories. Although you may find exact matches for some of the products or kayaks that you use, but this may not always be the case.

The types of crates (and kayaks) are available in countless models and versions, and all of these cannot possibly be listed online or on a manufacturer’s website. It is incumbent on you to ascertain the compatibility of the crate with your kayak, whether it is an online purchase or in a physical store.

Finding the right gear brand that is compatible with the crate option you are looking for is key, and must be established at the outset, i.e. before you make up your mind on a particular crate. A lot of crates have customizable gear options, and you need to see the gear that you have, whether you will be able to conveniently and neatly fit it all in that crate.


Mounting the kayak crate on the tank well is fairly easy. The crate can be mounted with the help of bungee cords, clips to D-rings or simply by placing inside the tank well.

You need to have the right measurement of your kayak’s tank that will correspond in size with that of the crate, so that it is a perfect fit inside. A generic sized kayak crate can suitably fit within most of the sit-on-top kayaks, unless your kayak is narrow in size. You also need to ensure that the crate sits comfortably at the back of your kayak seat.

The padding beneath the crate is also important. You should consider using soft silicone or rubber non-slip pads that will help you keep the crate stable and fixated as well as reduce the noise during the paddling.

The bungee cord netting on top of your crate keeps it fastened during harsh conditions and keeps the items within it secured, in the unlikely and untoward incidence of your kayak capsizing.


The real test of your organizational skills is when you return to the shore and have a glance around your kayak. It will either look like a messy yard sale (if there is no crate) or a neat collection of assorted gear items that are neatly placed in a box of crate. If it is the former, then it is a good clue for any angler that they need to get their acts (and accessories and gear) together.

One of the best places to keep your kayak crate or other related accessories is the rear tank well. This affords you easy accessibility and better organization. Using a fishing crate ensures that your gear is all kept safe and secure in one place for easy access, as well as de-cluttering, when you are out in the waters.

These crates are available in multiple varieties and functionalities that are particularly designed for angling. There is a crate out there for everyone, whether you require something simple and personalized, a ready-to-use one, or something more sophisticated with added features.