7 Best Choices for Kayak Storage: Racks and Hanging Systems

Kayaking is considered the most rewarding hobby present, allowing you to explore peaceful lakes and unplug yourself from the busywork. It allows you to enjoy exhilarating rapid waves of water and enjoy the time of your life, but as soon as the excitement starts to wear off, you start to think, “Where am I going to stash this kayak?”

Storing a kayak can be difficult, especially indoors, as it can take up too much space in your garage. They also get in your way when you require other things, and for this reason, many kayak owners tend to store their boats outside.

If you are planning on doing the same, then a rack is the best tool to go. It’ll keep your kayak off the ground and also avoid critters to nest under or inside it. This way, your kayak can stay safe, and to help you with this decision, we have provided you with a kayak storage buyer’s guide. You can read all about it and also find the one that suits you the most.

The Best Fishing Kayak Storage Systems

To help you find the best fishing kayak storage and hanging system, we have reviewed the top racks present in the market. These kayak storage racks will allow you to store your kayak and also not cost an arm and leg. Read on below to find out more!

Kayak Hoist Lift Garage Storage

7 Best Choices for Kayak Storage: Racks and Hanging Systems

7 Best Choices for Kayak Storage: Racks and Hanging Systems

The RAD Sportz 1003 kayak storage rack is one amazing hoisting rack present on the market. It attaches directly to your ceiling and provides you with a good and solid support structure via a built-in hoist. This makes it very easy to put your kayak in the mount and hoist it up. This keeps the kayak out of the way as well.

The RAD 1003 kayak storage rack has the ability to accommodate up to 125 pounds. It uses nylon straps that are durable along with rubber-coated hooks that give it strength. These straps and hooks prevent the kayak from getting damaged.

Furthermore, people get scared of the fact that the kayak will be stuck on the ceiling and can fall anytime. But this hoist comes with a self-locking mechanism that ensures that the kayak doesn’t release accidentally.

Moreover, mounting your kayak on this storage rack can be easily done. The mount is screwed directly to the joist or a piece of 2×4, which can be mounted on the ceiling. You simply have to lower the cradles to the ground and position the kayak on it. Next, you need to attach the strap to it and then hoist the kayak up, and it will be out of the way. This rack has the ability to fit a single kayak on it but keeps it tight and secure without any worry.

  • Hooks Are Designed With A Rubber Coating To Protect From Scratches
  • Easy To Install And Easy To Use
  • Robust Engineering - New Improved Straps Eliminate The Fragile Hooks That Plague Cheaper Hoists, And Allow You To Lift Heavy Products, Up To 125Lb. Capacity. This Is The Kayak Hoist That All The Other Are Trying To Copy …

Ultrawall Kayak Wall Mount Rack

7 Best Choices for Kayak Storage: Racks and Hanging Systems

7 Best Choices for Kayak Storage: Racks and Hanging Systems

This is another extraordinary kayak rack you should check out. It is incredibly affordable and has outstanding quality and construction. The various functions this mounting rack provides make it terrific for garage storage organization and organizing folded chairs, surfboards, bicycles, lumber, garden hoses, tools, ladders, and of course, kayaks.

The foldable design of this rack allows you to put it away when not in use, hence clearing up your garage. It is very simple to install; you simply have to draw a small pencil mark where the screw center will go and then drill the hole in the spot you marked. You need to ensure that the hole you drill is deeper than the length of the anchors. Then you simply have to insert the drywall anchors in the hole and screw the bolt using a screwdriver.

You can install this kayak rack on your own at home. Furthermore, the jumbo arm on these racks can unfold up to seven inches and have a minimum width of 18.3 inches. The maximum extension of the kayak storage rack is 25.6 inches. This makes the rack suitable for different kinds of products and can store up to 78lbs.

Also, these heavy-duty large arm kayak storage hooks are constructed with high-quality material of tubular steel. This makes it very sturdy and durable, and it is rust-resistant and powder-coated, making it a perfect kayak storage rack to invest in.

  • VARIOUS FUNCTIONS - Great for garage storage organization great for organization especially with surfboard, folded chairs, Ladders, bicycles, tools, garden hoses, kayak, lumber, Sport equipments and other bulky items. And you can use two of them as a match to hang Heavy objects.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL - This heavy duty large arm storage hook is made of tubular steel which is durable and sturdy and it’s powder coated and rust resistant …

Pelican Double Kayak Storage Strap System

7 Best Choices for Kayak Storage: Racks and Hanging Systems

7 Best Choices for Kayak Storage: Racks and Hanging Systems

This Pelican Double kayak storage strap system is a very easy-to-use stainless steel product that you can adjust. It comes with two fully adjustable straps that are used for hanging stand up canoes and paddleboards with ease. Each strap has the ability to manage up to 100lbs, whereas the overall structure has the ability to store up to 200lbs of weight.

The best part about this kayak storage rack is that it comes with two loops present for oars and paddles as well. With this rack, you can save storage and store your paddles out of the way and off the ground. Its modular structure allows you to put two kayaks, one above the other.

The D-ring closure system and heavy-duty carabiners are simple to use. Pelican storage strap kit provides you with a secure and safe way to store your boards outdoors or indoors. The Velcro hoops keep your paddles along with the kayak safe, and you can adjust them accordingly.

  • 2 fully adjustable straps can also be used for hanging stand up paddle boards, canoes, surfboards, snowboards. Each strap is rated to hold up to 100 lb. and the overall system is rated to hold a total of 200 lb
  • 2 loops for oars/paddles - SAVE SPACE - store your paddles and kayak off the ground and out of the way. Modular system can be use for one or two kayaks …

VIVOHOME Heavy Duty Freestanding Dual Storage Rack

7 Best Choices for Kayak Storage: Racks and Hanging Systems

7 Best Choices for Kayak Storage: Racks and Hanging Systems

VIVOHOME understands that no one wants their kayak lying on the ground after usage. This heavy-duty kayak storage rack made from Q195 steel is stable and incredibly durable. This rack resists scratches and bumps, and the assembly is entirely tool-free. You can do it on your own, and this will be ready to hold your stuff right away.

The two hooks on the kayak storage rack are easy to move and to wash, whereas the padded sleeves protect the kayak from any additional damage. You can store your kayak on it without any worry. It is built with a 1.5mm thickened steel tube with a powder-coating that allows it to be strong and stable.

Multiple holes on different sides of the tube enable you to install the cradle arms in alternate directions. The removable holder can also be installed separately on the wall or the ceiling as a mount ceiling. This kayak storage rack can be used outdoors, indoors, and any other location you want to use it.

The hold-down anchors on this rack are designed to add more security to it and ensure that it remains stable, whether placed on the deck, floor, dock, or on the beach. Its ability to maintain up to 175lbs makes it perfect for two large-sized kayaks.

  • HEAVY DUTY MATERIAL - The kayak support is made of full tubular metal and is treated with black powder coating to ensure long-term durability; PE-foam cushioned sleeves can be used for UV protection and scratch resistance
  • LARGE CAPACITY - The rack comes with 2 removable holders but can be installed with more holders; With multiple holes designed on tube, the cradle arms can be adjusted horizontally to accommodate items of different sizes …

1220 RAD Sportz Wall Hanger

7 Best Choices for Kayak Storage: Racks and Hanging Systems

7 Best Choices for Kayak Storage: Racks and Hanging Systems

This RAD Sports wall hanger is one of the easiest and safest ways to store your kayak or paddleboard. The kayak rests easily on the foam-padded arms and does not get harmed in any way. This is a secure kayak storage rack due to the premium-quality nylon clips and straps. The yellow powder-coated finish keeps the kayak storage rack good and protected year after year and out of the way.

Not only is it very convenient to use, but since it can manage up to 100 pounds, you can arrange your largest kayak on it as well. It remains safe and secure with the clips and doesn’t fall out of the rack from the wall. Furthermore, its versatility allows you to mount it on anything you want, including benches, posts, walls, and more.

  • KAYAK WALL MOUNT – The hangers provide an easy way to mount your kayak or paddleboard neatly on the wall of your garage or shed
  • SECURE STORAGE – Constructed from sturdy powder coated steel, and equipped with nylon holding straps and clips, the hooks can be mounted right into your wall studs to safely store equipment up to 125-pounds …

StoreYourBoard 2 Kayak Ceiling Rack

7 Best Choices for Kayak Storage: Racks and Hanging Systems

7 Best Choices for Kayak Storage: Racks and Hanging Systems

This StoreYourBoard kayak ceiling rack is another amazing product to buy. It comes with double ceiling storage, allowing you to put not one but two kayaks on it. It is constructed using heavy-duty steel and can support up to 150lbs with 75lbs on each side.

Furthermore, this rack can take up to 18” thick kayaks on it, and the wide arms allow wider products as well. You can put whitewater, ocean, fishing, recreational, and other different kinds of kayaks on it. The quick and easy installation with the included hardware and instructions makes it easier to set it up within minutes. This is a cool rack to buy, especially if you want to mount it to the ceiling and enable your kayaks to be safe and secure.

  • DOUBLE SUP CEILING STORAGE: Two-sided overhead rack holds 2 paddleboards for space-efficient storage!
  • HEAVY-DUTY STEEL: Built to hold up to 150 lbs (75 lbs per side), that's multiple boards at home, garage, or paddle shop.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Adjust the center column adjust from 10" to 18" tall to provide you exactly the storage thickness that fits your space and storage needs; remove the arms with the push of a button …

Best Marine Folding Kayak Storage Racks

7 Best Choices for Kayak Storage: Racks and Hanging Systems

7 Best Choices for Kayak Storage: Racks and Hanging Systems

These kayak storage stands are constructed with high-quality aluminum, soft rubber padding, stainless steel hardware that is resilient, and a flexible strap for nylon. These are sold in a pair and can support up to 100lbs, and need no assembling.

They are lightweight, strong, affordable, and easy to use. When your paddling trip is over, this rack keeps your possession safe for your next trip. These racks are sixteen inches tall and allow you to put your kayak at a good height for casual storage and maintenance. You can simply fold open the racks and arrange them within a distance of five to six feet apart. Then put the boat on them and secure them safely in the corner of the garage without any worry.

  • No assembly required—simply open up to use
  • Portable design for easy storage and packing
  • Comes with a safety strap
  • Ideal for both indoors and outdoors
  • Holds up to 150 pounds
  • Sparehand Original Design: Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

Buying Guide: Which One is For My Kayak?

Before you buy the first rack that you see, you will need to consider some features that helps a rack to be long-lasting and more productive for you. These features make a kayak storage rack stick out and make it worth buying more.


The amount of kayak storage capacity that you will need depends on two factors. The first thing to note is the size of your kayak, whereas the second thing to focus on is how many kayaks you plan on storing. Larger touring products need sturdier racks in order to support their weight. Meanwhile, smaller sit-on-top-styled stands just need a set of portable kayak stands that allows them to be up from the ground.

Also, the length of the kayak plays a role. For example, a longer one gets unstable if the arms of the rack are closed together. Similarly, you should consider the number of kayaks you’ll be storing. Some free-standing racks allow multiple kayaks to stand together, which is great if you have a family of kayak users and want to save space.

Before buying the kayak rack, consider how your selection of kayaks can adapt or expand over the years and then find the one that suits your needs the most so you would have a means to store them.

Type of Kayak

There are two basic styles of a kayak, sit-on-top kayaks, and sit-inside kayaks. Both come in singles and doubles and also have hard shells or are inflatable. Sit-on-top ones are very user-friendly and incredibly stable. They do not allow you to feel confined, and you can slip on and off them whenever you like. These kayaks are a good choice for paddling with kids, warm environments, and nervous paddlers.

On the other hand, sit-inside products shelter your lower body from windy weather and make the entire activity warmer. These are a formidable option for paddlers who want to stay in the cool weather. However, with these kayaks, you cannot move in and out of the water easily.

Before buying the stands, you need to check your kayak and figure out if it’s sit-inside or sit-on-top. Then you must choose an available rack for it accordingly.

Use of Space

The next thing to focus on is the use of space for you to store your kayak. Kayaks come in all sizes and shapes, and large sit-on-top kayaks are heavier than small whitewater ones. Ensure that the storage solution you choose can not only handle its weight but also use the space provided on the kayak and doesn’t require more.

Whitewater kayaks are stubby and short, whereas touring ones are narrow and long. Wider kayaks require a wider rack with their arms at a good-enough distance. On the other hand, narrow kayaks need arms closed together, allowing them to grasp it tightly. You need to figure out which kayak will require how much space and then buy the rack designed to suit you.

Safety and Protection

A kayak is expensive to buy, and you do not buy a new one every other year. For this reason, it is necessary that you store your kayak safe and secure. Some kayak racks provide you with the safety and protection it needs. They hold them tightly and securely and also have a storage cloth to cover them to avoid mites and the weather from damaging your kayak.

How to Store Kayak Paddles

Storing the paddles is also very important since they are long and cannot be left on the floor after your adventure. In order to store these paddles, you can either find a rack that allows you to store the paddles with the kayak, or you can find a separate holder for paddles.

Some kayak racks provide you with space for paddles, while others don’t. For this reason, buying a great paddler holder like the one mentioned below is good for use.

Suspenz 4-Paddle Rack

This paddle rack is made with protective rubber pads and ensures that the paddles don’t slip out. It allows you to secure the paddles in a vertical position and can store up to four at a time. It can mount easily on the wall, and the powder-coated steel ensures the durability and security of the paddles.

Don’t Forget to Maintain and Cover your Kayak

Just like with every other product, storing your kayak is only one thing, new and old ones require maintenance as well. Maintaining them increases the lifespan and makes them more durable. Kayak maintenance is very simple, and if you follow the tips mentioned down below, you can keep it in good condition for a long time.

When not in usage, it is advised that you cover the cockpit to keep the critters and rain out. Remember to first dry the cockpit to avoid mold and scum from collecting inside.

Keep a check on the attached parts of the kayak like toggle handles, deck cord, and bulkhead. If any of them is damaged, then replace them right away.

Long exposure to the sun can damage the color of the kayak and also weaken its plastic body. It makes it brittle and more prone to cracking. So you must cover it with a kayak cover like the one present below.

iiSport Waterproof Storage Cover

This iiSport Waterproof is a durable cover that is made from polyester material. It provides you with protection against water and also the sun. It is great for rowing shells, paddleboards, pro anglers, kayaks, fishing boats, and more. The easy on and off performance makes this dust cover stand out, whereas the elastic drawstring on it makes the UV cover stay in place and snug around your kayak completely. It is worth every penny and is a wonderful option.

Closing Thoughts About Storing Your Kayak

Kayaks are a great investment, but they carry big responsibility as well. You cannot just buy it, use it for the season and then let it rot on your garage floor. It is important that you treat them just like you treat your car and other modes of transport. Find the best parking rack and place it on them once the season ends.

This way, your investment will last longer and remain in good condition for a long time. We hope this article helps you in making the right decision.